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We have no experience with our own e-shop logistics, so we addressed the Czech leader in the area of fulfillment - the Mailstep. They make sure that our goods are delivered quickly and with high quality to the customer. As the stocking of products, daily handling and dispatch of orders are taken good care of, we can focus on the development of our Kofolashop and add new series of our #merchcochces.

Eva Stejskalová
junior brand manager

Our mini tender was won by MailStep absolutely unbeatably. Great communication from the very first contact, and the most comprehensive and advantageous service offer on the market. As part of the tender process, we also visited the warehouses and were very pleasantly surprised by the modern spaces we could see. In addition, it was the maximum possible automation of processes that was a significant criterion for us. We practically didn't want to take any care of a shipment that someone orders in our e-shop. MailStep met this expectation to a tee.

Ondřej Hlásek

I was looking for a way how to develop my business without having to deal with the warehouse at the e-shop, which I took care of by myself. I wanted to free my hands and have extra time that I can devote to other activities, more important for me. And that's exactly what I found with Mailstep. The warehouse of my e-shop is perfectly taken care of, as if I were running it by myself. Yet it runs like clockwork even without me and I can focus my energy and attention to the development of my business. I can even take a holiday without temporarily stopping the processing of orders, which was not possible before. Mailstep made it clear to me with their very first contact that it doesn't matter to them how big or small my e-shop is. But that their focus is to help my e-shop grow significantly, which they confirm with the increased quality of packaging, faster delivery of orders and significantly lower shipping prices. So I look forward to another journey to the stars together.

Jan Perlík
Cesta bylin

Mailstep was the right choice to manage the high volume of orders without any problems. We got through the start of the project with flying colours. Thank you for your flexibility and great cooperation.

Jan Kotraba
Queen Store/founder

We were looking for the most suitable partner to help us with increasing our order processing capacity and storing our backpacks appropriately. After comparing offers available on the market, we chose for Mailstep and it was the right decision. Everything works without troubles; they have an advanced admin interface where we have an overview of everything, including all the automation with our e-shop. Thanks to Mailstep we have time to develop and we are another "step" ahead. Thank you!

Statis Damianidis
Mark Ryden

Mailstep is made up of a great and helpful team who help us to distribute our cookbooks and other products. Without their all-in one services we could only barely manage the distribution.

Sara Madarova
Camp Fuego/Operations Coordinator

We chose the Mailstep Company to outsource a part of our assortment because we like their strategy of investing in modern technology and considerable automation of the whole logistics process. Quality of service and a customer-centric approach has always been our domain; I believe that Mailstep will be the right partner for us in this respect.

Ondřej Žák

Thanks to Mailstep's fulfillment service, we can fully deal with what we enjoy and what fills us with pleasure, i.e. selling and building our own brand on the market. We have left the logistics, warehousing and packaging to the professionals at Mailstep. We believe this was a step in the right direction, which we can also see in the growth of our company. From our customers we get a very positive feedback about the quality of the packaging and also the speed of delivery. A satisfied customer is the biggest reward for us.

Luděk Vlk director

Already after the first month of cooperating with Mailstep, I can responsibly say that the decision to close our own warehouse and to join the fulfilment project was one of the best decisions we have made in the history of our company. Now we can fully focus on what we enjoy, that is "creating our business with creation". The satisfied customer is the biggest asset, and judging from the responses so far, our customers are satisfied not only with the quality of the products but also with the speed and quality of delivery of their "creative" packages; and this is a credit to our new partner.

Michal Kment

It is a pleasure to work with our long-term partner, MailStep. For us, as well as our clients, they are a benchmark of reliability and a leader in the successful implementation of the latest technologies. This, together with their unrivaled customer service, makes them a well-deserved, long-appreciated number one in our market.

Josef Kutmon
printing house Svoboda Press, s.r.o.

For the first time in 6 years, I decided to try fulfillment. Although there are a few initial labor pains, Mailstep's approach is great! Communication with the sales department or daily communication with IT is super fast. I haven't met such a quick response in a long time. Just go on!

Radoslav Karas

Mailstep allowed me to break away from my daily routine and operations and allowed me to do more interesting things than packing shipments and communicating with carriers. About the critical time of Covid-19 Christmas 2020, when carriers refused shipments from small e-shops, it turned out to be a great choice. Thanks to Mailstep, we did not feel any logistical outage at Mailstep did everything professionally. Thanks  ;-)

Daniel Fajmon

We have been using fulfillment for our e-shops for a long time, and I can only confirm that cooperation with MailStep within a comprehensive logistics solution is the best choice for us. What we value most is the professional level of all customer service, support and, above all, the trouble-free distribution, from storage to delivery to the customer. We definitely recommend them.

Vítězslav Dužík
Owner, Český velkoobchod s.r.o.

We've been working with MailStep for 5 years. We like that Mailstep is constantly investing in innovation and, from our point of view, meaningfully expanding its portfolio of services. We started together with the completion of magazines. We now also use other services, such as storage and distribution of remainders. Thanks to MailStep's comprehensive approach to our publishing house, we also manage to save time and money.

Libor Vachtl
Distribution and Production Manager, Empresamedia, a.s.

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