E-commerce subscription

  • We process regular shipments of orders for e-stores sending goods on the basis of prepaid shipping.
  • Our system tracks and sends regular shipments according to the e-store's request, including invoices, advertising leaflets, etc.
  • Perfect for e-stores with collectible collections, for regular drugstore consignments, cosmetics and even socks.




With our CMC CartonWrap robotic packaging line, we create custom packaging exactly according to the size of the goods.

  • We package up to 920 consignments per hour
  • Min. consignment size 150x250x50 mm
  • Max. consignment size 310x480x200 mm
  • Integrated 3D scanner (cardboard cutting to size of goods)
  • Automatic printing of shipping labels (connection to all carriers)
  • MEM-Jet personalized cardboard printing (eshop logo, etc.)
Mailship system
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