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How does order fulfillment for e-stores work?

With order fulfillment you won't have to worry about order logistics

We will connect to your e-store and take care of all logistics from the receipt of the order to the delivery of goods to your customers. We will store your goods, process orders and take care of picking, packaging, transport, and returns.
Why choose Mailstep?
Connection to your e-store

Connection to your e-store

We will connect your e-store to our warehouse system. You will be able to view the status of your shipments and stocks online 24/7, 365 days a year.
Goods storage

Goods storage

We physically store the goods in a secure monitored warehouse. This means you won't have to deal with technology, dedicated staff or storage space constraints.
Order processing

Order processing

We immediately package received orders and deliver them quickly at a discounted price anywhere in the Czech Republic and the rest of the world. We also take care of returns.

How can order fulfillment from Mailstep help you?

Easy integration

Easy integration

We use our own unique technology to connect your e-store to our systems.
Lower shipping costs

Lower shipping costs

We can arrange better prices with carriers.
International sales

International sales

List your products on marketplace and try selling on foreign markets.
Space for your own growth

Space for your own growth

Outsourcing your logistics will let you focus on important things, such as marketing, sales and client acquisition.
Simple extension

Simple extension

We will connect your e-store to the necessary systems and service providers, whether these are e-store platforms, marketplaces or transport aggregators.
Professional services

Professional services

We know what we're doing. We will reduce your error rate, which will improve your image as a company.
Reduced complexity and costs

Reduced complexity and costs

With Mailstep you don't have fixed costs and investments in IT or warehouse equipment.
Handling returns

Handling returns

We can also handle returns for you. The whole process will be professionally taken care of, so you won't have to deal with it.

Easy connection with e-store platforms, carriers and marketplaces

We have unique technology that we developed ourselves. This allows us to easily connect you to the necessary systems and service providers.

Integration options
Alza Deutche post InPost Virtue Mart Geis
3dcart ebay Magento Shoptet Woocommerce
Amazon DHL Magento 2 PPL Zásilkovna
Colissimo FedEx Mall Royal mail
cs.cart Hermes oscommerce Shopify
Prestashop Česká pošta
UPS Wedo

Mailstep is our long-term, stable partner in the field of fulfillment, where we are united by a common goal: a satisfied customer who receives his order in the shortest possible time and in the necessary quality. Top4sport is a dynamic, growing company that partners with high performance athletes across Europe. The automation of our partner Mailstep's processes, allowing them to respond to our requirements and supporting us with the constant development of their systems and services, also contributes to our successful journey. Mailstep enables us to make many athletes happy every day and support them with our products in their athletic achievements.

We have no experience with our own e-store logistics, which is why we approached the number one Czech company in the field of fulfillment - Mailstep. Mailstep makes sure our products are delivered to our customers quickly and in the best quality. Because the stocking of products, daily picking and dispatch of orders is well taken care of, we can fully focus the development of our Kofolashop and add new lines to our #merchcochces.

Eva Stejskalová
junior brand manager

MailStep was the clear winner of our mini competition. Great communication from the first contact, and the most comprehensive and favourable service offer on the market. We also visited their warehouses during the tender process, and we were very pleasantly surprised by how modern the environment is. The highest possible level of process automation was also an important criterion for us. We didn't want to have to deal with parcels ordered from our e-store at all. MailStep met this expectation down to the T.

Ondřej Hlásek


I was looking for a way to develop my business without having to deal with a warehouse for my e-store myself. I wanted to free my hands and gain extra time that I can devote to other activities that I consider to be more important. And this is exactly what I found at Mailstep. My e-store warehouse is perfectly taken care of without me having to manage it myself. It runs like clockwork even without me, allowing me to devote my energy and attention to the development of my business. I can even take a vacation without pausing the processing of orders, which was not possible before. From the first time we spoke, Mailstep showed me that they don't care how big or small my e-store is; their goal is to help my e-store keep growing. This is certainly the case thanks to better quality of packaging, accelerated delivery of orders and significantly lower prices for transport. I look forward to continuing our journey to the stars.

Jan Perlík
Cesta bylin

Mailstep was the right choice for handling a large volume of orders without any problems. The start of our project went perfectly. Thank you for your flexibility and great work.

Jan Kotraba
Queen Store/founder

We were looking for the most suitable partner to help us with increasing our order processing capacity and storing our backpacks appropriately. After comparing offers available on the market, we chose for Mailstep and it was the right decision. Everything works without troubles; they have an advanced admin interface where we have an overview of everything, including all the automation with our e-shop. Thanks to Mailstep we have time to develop and we are another "step" ahead. Thank you!

Statis Damianidis
Mark Ryden

Mailstep has a great, helpful team that helps us send out our cookbooks and other products. Without their all-in-one services we wouldn't be able to manage distribution.

Sara Madarova
Camp Fuego/Operations Coordinator

We chose Mailstep to outsource some of our products, because we like their strategy of investing in modern technologies and significant automation of the entire logistics process. Quality services and a pro-customer approach have always been our strength, and I believe that Mailstep will be the right partner for us in this regard.

Ondřej Žák

The fulfillment service from Mailstep allows us to fully devote ourselves to what we enjoy and what fulfils us, i.e. selling and building our own brand on the market. We left logistics, storage and packaging to the professionals from Mailstep. We believe that this was a step in the right direction, and we see this in the growth of our company. We receive very positive feedback from our customers about the quality of the packaging and the speed of delivery. A satisfied customer is our biggest reward.

Luděk Vlk director

After the first month of cooperation with Mailstep, I can responsibly say that the decision to cancel our own warehouse and go with a fulfillment solution was one of the best we have made in the history of our company. Now we can fully devote ourselves to what we enjoy, namely 'creating our creative business'. A satisfied customer is the greatest currency, and based on the feedback so far, our customers are not only satisfied with the quality of the products, but also with the speed and quality of delivery of their 'creative' packages, and this is thanks to our new partner.

Michal Kment

It is a pleasure to work with our long-term partner, MailStep. For us, as well as our clients, they are a benchmark of reliability and a leader in the successful implementation of the latest technologies. This, together with their unrivaled customer service, makes them a well-deserved, long-appreciated number one in our market.

Josef Kutmon
printing house Svoboda Press, s.r.o.

For the first time in 6 years, I decided to try out fulfillment. Although there are some initial labour pains, the approach from Mailstep is great! Communication with the sales department and daily communication with IT is very fast. It's been a while since I've seen such a fast response. Keep it up!

Radoslav Karas

Mailstep allowed me to remove myself from the daily routine and operations and devote myself to more interesting things than packing parcels and communicating with carriers. It turned out to be a great choice during the critical Covid-19 Christmas of 2020, when carriers refused shipments from small e-stores. Thanks to Mailstep, we did not experience any logistics failures at Mailstep handled everything professionally. Thanks guys ;-)

Daniel Fajmon

We have been using fulfillment for our e-stores for a long time, and I can only confirm that cooperation with MailStep as part of a comprehensive logistics solution is the best choice for us. What we value most is the professional level of all their customer service and support and, above all, the trouble-free distribution from stocking to delivery to the customer. We definitely recommend this company.

Vítězslav Dužík
Owner, Český velkoobchod s.r.o.

We've been working with MailStep for 5 years, and we like that it is constantly investing in innovation and, from our point of view, meaningfully expanding its portfolio of services. We started together with the finishing of magazines. We now also use other services, such as storage and distribution of remainders. Thanks to MailStep's comprehensive approach to our publishing house, we also manage to save time and money.

Libor Vachtl
Distribution and Production Manager, Empresamedia, a.s.

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