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What affects the

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To give you a closer look, we will describe individual steps of the whole process that affect the final price below. Each of you has individual needs, which is why we approach each client as responsibly and individually as possible.

Receipt of goods

Receipt of goods

  • Receipt of pallets - this consists in the unloading of goods from a truck, container or the receipt of individual boxes.
  • Receipt of piece goods – we naturally perform a qualitative and quantitative incoming inspection.
  • Marking of goods with EAN code, labeling - if the supplier does not mark the goods, we will assign a unique EAN code or label to individual products.
  • Inserting goods into packaging or sealing goods in film - if the goods are delivered in a multipack, we will sort them according to your requirements in packaging or film.


  • Pallet storage
  • Rack storage
  • The price is charged for the area used, so you will save for unused space if you have your own warehouse and invest in your own equipment for pallet or shelf racks.


  • Assembly and inspection of content using barcodes
  • Insertion of documents
  • Selection of the most suitable packaging and filling material
  • Picking and packaging of goods is charged according to picked items/pieces and the number of orders


  • Provided by contracted carriers at favorable prices
  • Thanks to a large number of shipments, we will provide you with the best prices not only in the Czech Republic, but also abroad

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